Experimental electronic artist, MRWIZE, is the do-it-all creative making glitchy music and warped art.

Whether its crafting exploratory sonics or walking down a runway, MRWIZE indulges himself in many different art forms. All his works are self-produced and self-written, plus, he directs all his own visuals and composes music for art films and commercials. The literal meaning of a polymath.


MRWIZE is one of those artists who truly offers a sound you won’t have heard before. With slow, ambient tunes such as “They Ask You How You Are (And You Just Have To Say That You’re Fine)” / “In The Mire”, and dark, mosh worthy tracks “Devote You” / “RASS”, this multifaceted artist invites you into his distorted world.


Notion caught up with MRWIZE to find out when he started following a musical path, how he overcame his biggest challenges during the pandemic, and what he does to get over creative blockages.

People may not know this but I’ve actually known you since ‘teenhood’ – when you were WizeTV, shooting videos for underground artists in London. Can you give the people some background as to what I’m talking about? 

Early archive days there, the pre before the pre. So WizeTV was one of things when you’re a teenager you don’t know what you’re doing but you’re just so gassed doing it; you look back later like “I really did that”…foundations are good aren’t they. I used to run around filming everything from comedy skits to rappers to singers – under this WizeTV umbrella. It was a beautiful, cohesive mess that eventually got me into directing films and added music to my arsenal. I should have kept the YouTube channel up…

So, when do you think you started taking music seriously?

Music’s always been there since young. My family was a band played at churches all over South London. I played drums and piano from young too, so I was always in a out of it. Only more seriously in the last 5 or so years, but even more seriously in the last 2. I’ve always battled with the notion of what it means to be an artist, but here we are.

My taking from your work is that you’re someone who’s not in a rush to produce material just for the sake of it. Everything you come out with seems so polished, developed over a thought-out period of time with a great extent of artistic dialogue. Would you agree? If so can you tell us why this is?

Partly. Starting young gives room for creative error – everything people are seeing now is just a byproduct of years of refining and finding a formula that works best. It’s an ever-evolving process. Not a lot of my ideas have a plan, mood board or reference, it’s literally just whatever comes out. Part of what plagues creatives is this perfectionist mentality. Making sure everything is perfect. I’m working on letting that go, so I definitely have to remind myself to not cmd+a and delete everything (ctrl+a for PC.)

At the top of the pandemic you released your single “peaks” followed by “valleys” which I’m obvs obsessed with! The 3D and digital artwork behind that project is GAGWORTHY! I’m sure you, like the rest of us didn’t expect lockdown to take over our lives the way it did. As an artist who had just released a new project what would you say were some of your biggest concerns, and how have you overcome them?

Sharing my creations was a source of anxiety, so when the pandemic came around – I felt pissed at the timing. My main concern was perception, I guess we create for ourselves, but anything that goes out into a public domain no longer becomes autonomous. It’s for the streets. incidentally it became a liberating process. Now i don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. To my surprise, the timing was perfect with ‘peaks’. It’s really just taught me nothing is in our control – if you’re doing something. Do it now.

We all can sometimes get creative blockages, who and what do you go to for inspiration when this happens?

Having skills in different art forms to indulge is a blessing in itself. If music isn’t working, there’s always some video work that needs doing, if that’s not flowing, I can put my energy into something else. Naturally, the pipeline is ever-flowing. If it gets really tough, I’ll catch a flight.

Let’s talk style. If everyone reading this just heads over to their IG App and opens it to MrWize’s page, we can begin. YOU-ARE-THE-LOOK Sir, and tbh from what I can remember you always have been serving major muse content. Who are some of the labels, icons and artists that influence your style and overall fashion outlook?

I try my best. I don’t really look at nobody but rather for pieces; anything gender neutral. It make for great silhouettes; Rick Owens does that really well; – between his womens and his mens collections there isn’t much distinction and I love that.  Which is also generally how i feel about fashion as a whole; Nothing should be gendered. They’re literally just fabrics.

I can also see a picture of you and the Legendary Michèle Lamy, I definitely assimilate your look with Rick Owens, so to me it was bound to happen, but can you tell us about that fateful day you both met and how it came about?

Nothing crazy. Just hanging out at the Rick Owens store in London. Which is now gone sadly – end of an era. 

So your new singles “Devote You” / “RASS” are out now, can you tell us a bit about how they came about?

“Devote You” explores toxicity and uncertainty within a relationship – sonically, it’s experimental, it’s dance it’s hyperactive. Both songs never really stop in velocity. All or nothing type beats. That’s toxic in itself.

Who are you listening to right now?

Too much SOPHIE (R.I.P), that remix album goes crazy.

On your website I saw you have a link for ‘Product’… WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THE MERCH?! I’ve already started queuing in my head

Innovative merch is on the to-do list. Not just regular tees and sweats; soon come 

Finally…What’s next?

A little something before summer. EP later this year 2021. 

Stream "Injection / TEAR" below: