Get an exclusive first listen to sakehands' new tune "THINK ABOUT ME".

L.A. producer, sakehands, has just dropped the slow, sultry-sounding R&B tune, “THINK ABOUT ME”, featuring buttery vocals from his regular collaborator, Lo.


Whilst the melody may conjure up the idea that “THINK ABOUT ME” is a track made for the bedroom, the meaning behind it is far from that. The lyrics are rooted in the narcissistic feelings of a lover, wondering whether their previous paramours still think about them and if they realise how much they were changed by the relationship.


“‘THINK ABOUT ME’ is my severely petty way of asking people I used to be with if they still think about how all of their likes, dislikes, interests and basic likeable personality traits came directly from me. I think a lot of people can relate but maybe don’t want to say it out loud,” sakehands explained of the new song.


sakehands, otherwise known as Aris Maggiani, debuted his music in 2018 with the track, “PLASTIC”, which used a contemporary electronic soundscape whilst reflecting on the toxicity of social media. 

sakehands is due to release his debut album, Self-HATE, some time this year.

Get an exclusive first listen to Sakehands' track "THINK ABOUT ME" below: