X Li’s 2023 digital music revolution.

In the just-passed year of 2023, X Li has emerged as a groundbreaking figure in the music industry, particularly in the realm of Onchain music. This recognition comes after Invest in Music (Powered by NFT Now), a reputable Web3 music media company, released a report detailing the 2023 music landscape in this innovative field.


X Li has distinguished himself as the Top5 best selling artist globally in 2023, with sales exceeding $150,000. X Li’s track ‘think I’m in love with you’ ranked No. 6 on Billboard’s Music NFT chart. However, it’s X Li’s series california love stories that has truly set a new standard in the industry.


This raises critical questions about future directions in the music industry. Will X Li’s approach inspire new strategies? Will there be a rise in artists sharing their music through Onchain methods? Notably, X Li’s earnings from this medium are equivalent to over 50 million streams.


As the industry evolves, the impact of artists like X Li and the adoption of Onchain music is undeniable. X Li challenges traditional methods of music distribution and artist growth, highlighting the vast potential of digital platforms.


X Li’s story represents a shift in the music industry, suggesting a future where artists leverage blockchain-based platforms for global recognition and financial success. X Li’s journey inspires a new generation of artists to explore the possibilities of Onchain music.


Listen to X Li’s music here.

Listen to 'we'll die in california' now: