London-based songwriter IZZA releases her debut EP ‘Thinking In The Dark’.

Songwriter IZZA has released her debut EP ‘Thinking In The Dark’ this week, an articulate and soulful creative project that exemplifies the artist’s voice. Co-written and produced by frequent collaborator and friend, Zach Said, the EP showcases IZZA’s soulful vocal tone alongside dark soul-pop instrumentals. Her latest single from the EP features Said, beginning as a pared-back acoustic but building to a catchy pop chorus while the pair harmonise.


IZZA’s love of music began at a young age and she attributes a wide range of artists as her musical influences. When honing her craft, she cites drawing inspiration from Bill Withers and Amy Winehouse, to Disclosure. These inspirations are evident across her releases: her debut single “Lows” included melodic hooks over a trap-inspired drum pattern; ‘Thinking In The Dark’ shares sombre moments with the R&B-leaning track “Made My Mind”; whilst “Silence” has a gospel feel with the recording of group vocals. IZZA manages to present a cohesive musical identity whilst creating a body of work with diverse sonic influences.


IZZA has described the new EP as “about relationships”, “the relationships we have with ourselves, with other people, and with the world”. She explains the title: “Most of my thoughts, ideas and song inspirations come to me in the dark”. Also a line from her first single release ‘Lows’, the EP title felt “perfect”. IZZA has recently worked with the likes of Adele and Bjork collaborator Matt Lawrence, and Ivor Novello winner Iain Archer. If this release is anything to go by, we expect big things.

Listen to the album below: