Meet WHOiSEE: a classical musician turned music producer extraordinaire back with latest drop, “This Is It”.

WHOiSEE has made a powerful impression in just one month by amassing thousands of listeners in just one month. His dominating sound design showcases his extensive college background and prior music experience as Madhatter. Each listen reveals an all-encompassing atmosphere, leaving no doubt that this is only the beginning of what he can achieve.


WHOiSEE is taking 2023 by storm with performances at some of the year’s biggest festivals, including Middlelands and Lights All Night. Fueled by ambition from his work as an instructor teaching Music Production and DJing courses for Dub Academy students, his newest project – This Is It – showcases how much he has grown in this field.


With over a decade’s experience, he has mastered music’s multiple facets and instruments, from production to performance. His mastery shines through in his effortless tones that belie how much hard work went into building out the soundscapes he creates – every part crafted with painstaking precision for an utterly unique blend. Besides including the latest release featuring a collaboration with Xyan, life of exploring EDM, from that beginning seed of an idea after going to his first Skrillex concert in 2012, is about to bring that genre to the next level.

Stream "This Is It" below: