Breakout artist Abi Carter drops anthemic track ‘This Isn’t Over', fresh from her American Idol win on Sunday.

Sitting down at a piano in the corner of the room, Abi Carter begins to play the tender melody of Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made For’. With her family gathered outside, straining to hear through the door, Abi starts to sing from her heart. Her beautifully delicate soft vocals push the song to new boundaries, causing all three judges to watch her in awe. As she pours her soul into the performance, tears well up in her eyes as she hits every last high-octane note until the very last moment.


When the final piano key fades, all three judges rise to their feet applauding: “We don’t even have to vote”, says judge Luke Bryan, whilst Lionel Richie affirms “That’s the winner right there”. But it’s Katy Perry’s last words that resonant the most, “Abi, your life is about to change”.


Kickstarting the new chapter in her life, it’s clear that Abi’s trajectory is only destined to be upward. With raw earnestness laden in her artistry, she has reached the pinnacle of this season’s American Idol, wowing the judges from her very first audition. But before we can see her shake up the stage in the finale this weekend, she gives us a taste of what’s to come with ‘This Isn’t Over’.


Delving into her personal growth whilst exploring life’s ebbs and flows, Abi strips back production, allowing a simple piano melody to drive the track initially. As goosebumps build, the chorus erupts into a pop ballad, enriched with an acoustic guitar melody and angelic harmonies that layer the soundscape effortlessly, as she bares her soul deeper than ever before.

Listen to 'This Isn't Over' now: