Icelandic artist Inki continues to push boundaries with her ethereal new single, “This One For Me”, out now.

Bask in the nostalgic charm of Inki’s latest offering, “This One For Me”, which sees the musician debut her new avant-pop direction. Inviting listeners into a transcendental sonic experience, Inki captures the essence of strength and vulnerability with layered intricate textures and her ever-commanding vocals. 


The single follows companion cut, “For You”, which acts as the third piece of Inki’s upcoming album, ‘Thoughts Midsentence’. When the two intertwine, they form part of a musical journey, held in sequence by their shared metaphorical organ backdrop and melodic threads. 


Opening up on the personal experience behind “This One For Me”, the songstress explains, “My friend was going through a breakup, and I decided to uplift her spirits with a joyride. Unfortunately, my questionable music choices dampened the mood. That drive became the catalyst for my latest release, This One For Me.”


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