Weaving his diverse journey into a melodic narrative, Kep Lockhart unveils his sophomore project, Best Regards, with leading track 'This That.'

Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Dominica, Kep Lockhart embarked on a journey to the bustling embrace of New York City at the tender age of seven. It was here that R&B became both his refuge and muse, sculpting a love for music that would become the bedrock of his artistic persona.


Juggling the realms of a legal career and a passion for music, Kep Lockhart draws inspiration from the forerunners of R&B, infusing his own songs with a lyrical finesse. A deeply personal exploration of a past romance, each note on the album ‘Best Regards’ echoes the highs and lows of intimacy. Leading the charge is ‘This That,’ — a track with dreamlike production, resonant beats, and layered synths converge, providing a rich backdrop for soulful vocals.


The track is a manifestation of Kep Lockhart’s ability to merge R&B nuances with pop sensibilities – drawing parallels to the work of Sean Garrett and Ne-Yo. In Lockhart’s own words, “It’s a song that captures many love-related feelings. It’s as if souls recognize each other, and being with them feels like coming home. A feeling of completeness and contentment never known before. It’s a rare and precious connection. One you thought was a figment of the world’s imagination—a product of Walt Disney’s Tales.”


Complemented by standout tracks such as ‘I Need It’ and ‘Same Old Flow,’ ‘Best Regards’ intertwines Lockhart’s R&B roots with thoughtful lyricism, guiding listeners through a labyrinth of love, loss, and self-discovery. Released on November 10th, ‘This That’ and ‘Best Regards’ are not just an exciting addition to the singer-songwriter’s repertoire, but an affirmation of an artist making his mark within the ever-evolving tapestry of R&B.

Listen to Best Regards now: