Firing up anticipation for their debut album, synth-pop duo Moxxy Jones releases explosive and empowering single ‘This Time’.

Hailing from San Francisco, Frank and Milan are the creative minds behind Moxxy Jones, a 2-year-old musical venture of pure synth-pop joy. The duo’s latest track ‘This Time’ is the 10th release of their forthcoming debut album Unnoticed and stands as a catchy highlight of the artists’ work to date. 


Released via Starita Records, ‘This Time’ delivers the energetic beats and infectious hooks expected of a pop track and yet feels far from mainstream. Thanks to the expansive talents of keyboard-cum-bass player Frank and guitarist Milan, its melody is multi-layered, featuring juxtaposing elements of dark industrial dance, funk grooves and soul-stirring R&B-infused vocals. Thematically ‘This Town’ is just as powerful, with lyrics tracing the searching path to finding the courage to leave an unfulfilling relationship.


Moxxy Jones signature sound emanates from a creative process unrestrained by ego, rules or pressures of the music business. It’s this approach that gives way to the untraditional and yet warmly familiar identity of Unnoticed – which has so far gathered 18 million enthusiastic listeners on TikTok. Reflecting on the boundary-pushing songwriting process, Moxxy Jones’ Milan shares “Sonically, the song is pushing a number of different sounds together to try and create something new. Lyrically, the song speaks to a person pushing themselves to move beyond a relationship.” 

Listen to 'This Time' here now: