Alternative rapper jacuh collaborates with desisclever on his electronic-trap release “THREE DAYS”.

jacuh believes in pursuing a passion, having high dreams, and striving hard to attain higher objectives. Throughout his music, he uses distorted beats to generate a distinctive creative method and freestyles the lyrics in any genre he feels inspired by. jacuh scopes his sound through the primary influences of hip-hop, alternative pop rock and west coast trap.


At the age of 13 jacuh was exposed to alternative musician Witt Lowry. Before his introduction to music, the young artist had neither been creatively oriented nor musically inclined, however, this proved to be the catalyst for his musical aspirations. Having always felt unheard, jachu uses music as a vehicle to express his intensely emotionally sensitive nature and has created quite a stir in upstate New York, namely in his birthplace of Homer. Having previously featured on the radio and in Kazi Magazine, jachu is a hard-working artist who has dropped multiple tracks with hard-hitting verses throughout the years.


Proving that his music is a melting pot of genres, it all comes together in his latest offering “THREE DAYS” which is more in the vein of screamo-rap with industrial electronic undertones.

Stream “THREE DAYS” below: