Mexican-American bedroom pop stalwart adan diaz returns with the new single "three days", ahead of a highly anticipated EP release on Godmode music.

For adan diaz, music has always been the answer to his adolescent innocence. From 15 years old, the Chicago native started making tracks about coming-of-age, lining them with his sweet lyricism and poetic delivery. His most recent single, “three days”, sees him toying with leaving his teenage years behind, while realising he’s still young at heart.


Four years from adan’s musical beginnings, we’re still on this journey of emotional development with him. Allowing listeners to immerse in his experiences, the singer-songwriter is redefining what it means to be a bedroom pop artist, uplifting us with a dulcet vocal palette.


“three days” and its fervent delivery is our latest taste from adan’s forthcoming EP, which is being released on Godmode music. On the track, he says: “I started writing this when I was 15 years old and finished writing three years later when I was 18. I felt confident to finish it and especially confident on who I was and where I was at.”  With more in the pipeline, don’t be mistaken, adan’s time is now.

Stream "three days" below: