Newbie producer and singer-songwriter, byelian, shares his new brooding indie-pop single “Thud”.

byelian has not been around long on the music scene. His first single “C’est l’Hiver”, which transforms from eerie and melancholy to hopeful and uplifting, landed this February. Based in Germany, byelian learned to play piano at age 6, and while he has come a long way as a musician since then, he still often features the instrument in his backing.


“Thud” is byelian’s third single, steering his work in a new direction. Moody and yet upbeat, “Thud” is a huge contrast to his previous two songs – both set against gentle and bright instrumentals. The indie-rock feel of his latest single is reminiscent of Nothing but Thieves or The 1975, as it combines husky, rich vocals with masterful instrumentals.


Revealing the impetus behind his latest track, byelian has said “‘Thud’ is a cry for help – a call to reach out to one’s closest counterpart and believe with all one’s might in something different, something better. The daily increasingly dull pain blurs into a feeling of disorientation with the only desire to escape it once and for all.”

Watch the music video for "thud" below: