Indie-pop rising star Samfire explores the uncertainties of growing up in her emotional new EP, 'Time'.

Drawing comparisons to masters of emotional indie-pop like Lana Del Rey, Lorde and Kate Bush, London-based singer-songwriter Samfire has found cathartic releases in engaging with her deepest feelings through music. For her, the canvas of imagination is the best way to deal with the big emotions of growing up.


In her newest EP, ‘Time’, Samfire explores a grey area experienced by everyone but not always discussed – the uncertain boundary between childhood and adulthood. It’s an experience Samfire wishes to draw attention to, using her emotions as a platform to explore ultimately universal themes.


The four-track release traces a journey towards finding a direction in life – beginning with the moving “To Those Who Wait”, which circles around self-deprecating expressions of frustration, to the outpouring of emotion in “This Time”, which finds a little hope within all the bleakness of adulthood. There’s a sense of a journey not quite complete, but an acceptance that that’s okay all the same.


On the EP, Samfire says, “When released from institutional life, the long transition between childhood and adulthood reaches a sort of breaking point. This is the first moment that our time, and how we choose to spend it, actually becomes our own. But most of us are without direction. It is that unsettlement that ‘Time’ explores.”

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