Gabriela Diamond develops her unique brand of alt-pop on new single 'Timeless', which was made in a moment of spontaneity.

Few artists have managed to capture the essence of youth and vulnerability as Gabriela Diamond. Only 19 years of age, the Cape Town native is known for her electrifying brand of alternative pop, which has created a profound connection with fans across the globe. ‘Timeless’, her new single, is a testament to the singer-songwriter’s boundless creativity and heartfelt lyricism.  


Drawing inspiration from Lorde, Jorja Smith and Charli XCX, Gabriela is looking to reach the heights of pop’s greats. However, she’s undeniably crafted a unique sound that displays raw authenticity: a trait that’s seemingly hard to come by in the modern music era.  


Impressing once more with ‘Timeless’, Gabriela made the track in a moment of spontaneity. Using a beat she’d saved some years prior, the rising star wrote and recorded it in three hours. “The entire process felt like the definition of natural”, she says on the single, acknowledging her gifted musical ability. 

Listen to 'Timeless' below: