Tin Man Falls explore loss and self-growth in their brand-new self-titled debut album ‘Tin Man Falls’.

Tin Man Falls is the brain-child of Vienna-based music collective Joseph Robinson, Felipe Scolfaro Crema and Edo Mjusik. Crafting an idiosyncratic synth-pop sound, Tin Man Falls are back, this time with a self-titled debut album.


Drawing inspiration from artists such as James Blake, Justin Timberlake, and Chet Faker, throughout their latest, Tin Man Falls create a product of ten introspective releases which see them reflect upon self-growth through the turbulence of loss and forgiveness. The album’s focus track “Say What You Want”, is accompanied by an artistic music video and in its own right speaks volumes as a quintessential Tin Man Falls song.


Shapeshifting their sound around sonic indie electronics, Tin Man Falls are a band eager to showcase their variety. ‘Tin Man Falls’ sees the group share their first full-length project just a year into their musical project and is an accumulation of some of their best work. It’s with their earnestness does this album convey an immaculate debut and collection of work.

Stream 'Tin Man Falls' in full below: