RAYE for Notion 79

Having perfected her craft RAYE is getting ready to claim the charts as her own and take down the shadier parts of the music industry while she's at it. We meet the uncompromising star for Notion 79.

Notion 79 is all about celebrating the breakthroughs. Filled with stories of our favourite pioneers, it’s an issue dedicated to the moments where everything changes and the people that set out to change everything.

RAYE is on her way to becoming one of those people. A newcomer to many, but known as a force to be reckoned with within the music industry, she’s been honing her talents since started at BRIT School. Now with a string of massive collaborations under her belt including the mighty ‘You Don’t Know Me’ with Jax Jones and an arsenal of her own anthems, recent singles ‘Decline’ and Stefflon Don & Mabel-featuring ‘Cigarette’ to name just a few, she’s set her sights on pop stardom.

In Notion 79 we discover more of the young hitmaker that refuses to tolerate the sexism and racism that still continues to permeate the industry and one that has the courage to stand up for what she believes in.