Albanian artist Besa returns with her explosively atmospheric anthem 'Titan'.

Besa is back, bringing her undeniable Eastern European influence through every beat, Besa drops her new single, ‘Titan’, an atmospheric anthem that captures the pendulum of turmoil and desire that comes with emotional exhaustion. Hailing from Albania, Besa Koëdhima, is known for her eclectic referencing of pop, electronic, and R&B fused together to form her own unique sonic landscape. 


After a hiatus from her career, she has re-emerged with a captivating tune full to the brim with soaring emotion. The single is a translation of her Albanian anthem, ‘Zemen n’dore,’ exhibiting her bilingual musical ability. The track is a powerful Ballard showcasing Besa’s rich vocal range in a suspenseful tapestry, a testament to her experience in the industry. The rich swirling melody is packed with emotion, which builds to exhilarating heights before unfurling into an unexpected party anthem, rich with 80s influence. The track narrates the battle of controlling the urge to react and escaping internal rage through dynamic songwriting: “I bet you thought that I would crumble but I won’t”, she sings. 


Her return has been well-received by her dedicated international fanbase, garnering hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. The artist is set to perform as the Albanian entry for Eurovision this year. The buzz around the new echelon of Besa’s career is a sign of good things to come from the artist; fans look forward to more of her unique hooks, relatable songwriting, and emotional deep cuts. 


Besa comments on the single: “the song comes from a place of hurt and struggle. I was going through a period of personal turmoil, emotional exhaustion… I felt stuck in a periodic cycle of unhappiness and vulnerability.” 

Listen to 'Titan' now: