LA-based rapper and emerging talent Mrronwright hits back with his sophomore release of the year “Together”.

Mrronwright is an underground US rapper just three years into his musical project. His latest track “Together” sees him release an emotional cut about suicide and is paired with raw lyrics and a steady beat.


Debuting his work with his 2020 diss track, “She Bhad (Don’t need her)”, this single was a hard-hitting introduction into the musical psyche of Mrronwright and has since cemented the foundation of his growing acclaim. Since then the artist has been working vigorously to perfect his stance within the rap scene. His latest single “Together” sees Mrron sample Rihanna’s “Umbrella” underneath minimal thuds of delicate beats.


Mrron’s rapping style sees the rapper speak openly about real-life experiences as he converts some of his hardships and tragedies into steady addictive tracks – an honest depth hard to compare. Discussing why he took a route down the music industry and performing Mrron says: “music is just a creative way to get all of your feelings out, so as long as I think everything sounds nice while I’m making it, I’m all in”. With a desire to someday be able to inspire young aspiring artists, Mrron adds: “Occasionally, I communicate and help my fans get through their days, it means the world to me. This has always been my goal, and I’m happy to see it happen”.

Stream "Together" below: