• Photography Sirius Film
  • Animation Jordan Chappell

Self-directed solo artist Chi Virgo doesn't sweat the small stuff with her second single 'Too Good'.

Setting herself apart from other emerging artists in the UK, Chi Virgo is entirely self-directed – and is firmly in control of her own journey. Her fusion of neo-soul and pop-funk creates a unique and distinctive sound, and to inspire her latest project, Chi drew on the aesthetics from one of her favourite games – Grand Theft Auto.

Following the release of her first single ‘ Thinking’, Virgo is taking the world by storm with her follow up track ‘Too Good’. Drawing inspiration from lessons learnt in her past romantic relationships, the song emphasizes the importance of taking a step back and reassessing situations from an objective point of view. Instead of focusing on futile arguments, the track makes a point out of bringing out the best in one another in a relationship.

Speaking of her influences, Chi said: ” “The lyrics were written following a conversation that I had with a friend. She was talking about some petty argument that she had with her boyfriend, and I was listening to her from an outsider’s perspective thinking ‘this is a joke’. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up and lose sight of how little these issues actually matter, even if they seem big at the time. We can all be guilty of that, and the song was my way of reflecting on how we shouldn’t take them so seriously.”

The visuals for the track see Chi navigating an imaginary ‘Virgo’ cityscape in a Bonnie & Clyde type of mission. Her soulful tones provide the perfect backdrop for the psychedelic Miami Vice visuals, reminiscent of long summer nights.