Returning to make waves in 2024, Chicago producer and rapper Cousin Vinny completes his heartfelt hip-hop trilogy with ‘Too Humble’.

Cousin Vinny is back with confidence in 2024; his latest smooth hip-hop single ‘Too Humble’ rounds off an enticing trilogy which introduces the next chapter of his musical career. Based in Chicago, the Indian-American artist’s career dates back to 2018 but, after releasing two albums, he pressed pause in 2021. With the addition of ‘Too Humble’, and last month’s ‘Capone’ and ‘Relax’,  his discography charts a creative evolution and personal journey to self-discovery. 


Sonically, Cousin Vinny’s new hip-hop track is cool as ice; slick production meets effortless rap as vocals meander over gentle, yet addictive beats. Listen closely to the bars however and you’ll find the rapper – in his alluring, deep and rumbling voice – isn’t performing nonchalance, he’s being real, showing profound self-awareness as he opens up about struggling with imposter syndrome. It’s a battle known to many, particularly those whose work exposes them to the world, the rapper and producer elaborates, “A lot of artists face when they aren’t able to necessarily live the life they’d like to portray in their music, and how they have to come to terms with that.” 


‘Too Humble’ is a thought-provoking listen, accompanied by its music video, which Cousin Vinny co-directed with Gasper Gomez, the powerful narrative comes to life. Spliced between black-and-white shots of Cousin Vinny rapping, is a compelling plot which enables listeners’ to connect deeply with the artist’s experiences. 


Evidently, Cousin Vinny’s 3-year hiatus enabled him to work through his internal conflict, and ‘Too Humble’ presents how: “the best therapist is yourself, to understand who you are.” If his 2021 album Method To The Madness was explorative and experimental, 2024’s three-part comeback series is self-assured – cohesive whilst continuing to push boundaries, it sounds like a promising new direction.