Crystal Starr: a viral TikTok hit, a DIY music video and a new single 'Too Late'.

Award-winning singing sensation, known as “The Girl with the Golden Voice,” Crystal Starr is back hitting the circuit with her latest single, “Too Late.” The single reveals all the hurt of an opportunity missed in love and what heartbreak and resilience are made of in words and melody. Produced by Grammy-nominated duo Bizkit and Butta, “Too Late” highlights Crystal’s ability to mix raw emotion with pop sensibility.


An accompanying homemade music video helps to make the song’s emotional depth visual. Shot in an ancient, rain-soaked room, it sees Crystal herself performing with one single emotion, cast amidst a minimal setup that echoes the song’s themes. Simple in its construct, the video speaks volumes about the story the song holds and underlines how it is that Crystal has found her niche in the art of storytelling with music.


“Good Times” becomes the second single from Crystal, following the number-one hit “Good Times” in the UK, France, and Germany. “Good Times” peaked at #3 on the UK Commercial Pop Charts, #4 in France, and #8 in Germany, becoming the real breakthrough on the international pop scene for Crystal. Her ability to capture audiences with themes that are all too relatable and beats they can’t help but connect with has garnered her a dedicated global fanbase. She started early, influenced by her eclectic music tastes fostered by her Puerto Rican mom and her African American dad. At sixteen, she sang professionally for Jessica Simpson, and her career was off to the races. Over the years, performing fiercely with such industry greats as Ariana Grande, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, John Legend, and Lady Gaga, she has continued to grow. She has also performed with the ’80s girl group Klymaxx and has gone on to work with KISS frontman Paul Stanley in his group, Soul Station.

Aside from that, Crystal has also had a great time on Broadway in Baby It’s You, where she played Doris of The Shirelles to a huge and appreciative audience with her powerhouse voice and stage antics. She has headlined major events, including the Electric Forest Festival, where she performed before mammoth audiences and earned rave reviews.


Besides being the musician that she is, Crystal goes the extra mile in matters concerning charity work. She founded the non-profit organization Little Voices, which raises money for foster and inner-city youth through concerts and mentoring programs. The project she has worked on is called Little Voices, through which she has touched more than one million young lives—a reflection of the will she puts into making music a force for good.


Crystal Starr’s inimitable mix of pop and R&B, along with her powerhouse vocals, keeps her in audiences’ consciousnesses all over. Her performance on the 2024 Old School Cruise with Klymaxx went viral on TikTok, preparing her to be an influential orator.

Listen to Crystal Starr's new single 'Too Late' below: