Toro Gato has released a new album available only as an NFT, 'Toro Gato: Part II'.

In 2017, Kat Graham underwent a musical metamorphosis, changing the persona of pop-dance performer for something more unpredictable and exciting, in which she was able to use her cinephilic love for the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky and work with her partner Darren Genet to release a bold new album which marked a transformational era for the musician.


Now, she’s ready for the next chapter of Toro Gato. Her new 13-track album, ‘Toro Gato: Part II’, is another musical reinvention for the chameleonic artist, in that she has chosen to release it exclusively as an NFT on YellowHeart, the exclusive NFT home for music.


Graham states, “From the beginning of this project I knew that everything from the sound to the visuals to the execution to the release required a different way of thinking. I wanted to take my music to a different level that felt artistic, vulnerable, ethereal and cinematic,” said the artist regarding her decision to release this album as an NFT. Yellowheart is my museum. It’s where I house my most precious records that I have been working on since I was 15 with nothing but a keyboard. It’s the museum that houses my most vulnerable performances as an artist, nd the museum where I know that anyone that walks into that museum is there for that art.”


The album is available in five bundles – two of which are digital only offerings, and three of which contain physical components such as hoodies and official patches.


The collection is available now here.