ST3PH’s new “Touch The Sky” is a necessary reminder that life’s struggles are only temporary, out now.

Hailing from southeast London with Jamaican and Mauritian heritage, much of ST3PH’s influence originates from his rich cultural background. He fuses his life experiences, spiritual journeys, and background to form his pioneering genre, TRIME, spanning reggae, hip-hop, garage, grime, and trap. 


Initially, TRIME was a fusion of trap and grime. Today, it’s evolved to represent “The Realist Inspired Musical Energy”, a testament to ST3PH’s sonic innovation and deep musical knowledge. 2019 was a hallmark year for TRIME, with several tracks from the six-piece TRIME EP making their way onto Spotify and Apple playlists. TRIME 2 dropped during the global pandemic, when his creativity was flourishing. 


Today, ST3PH releases his brand new single, “Touch The Sky”, ahead of his forthcoming TRIME 3 EP. Taking the form of an electrifying battle cry, the single urges listeners to rise about limitations and see challenges as opportunity for growth. Boasting ST3PH’s lyrical prowess, it’s full of stimulating lyrics that lend themselves well to his tapestry of past profound narratives. 

Listen to "Touch The Sky" below: