Watch the surreal new video for Morabeza Tobacco’s latest dreamy single, “Touch You”.

Morabeza Tobacco are a musical duo with vision: to chill out in the studio, explore things, and find their way to what feels fun and natural. The latest result of this three-pronged vision, new single “Touch You”. Released alongside a fresh set of vintage-style surreal visuals, the track is quintessential Morabeza Tobacco.


Made up of Vanilla and Gustav, the pair have always inspired each other by swapping music. For their new project, it was Sade that made a common appearance on the speakers, alongside their own fretless bass and a DX7 synth. “Touch You” comes from their upcoming album ‘Shadow Of The Cherry’, a project that promises to cover ‘all the moods and places’, full of smooth synths and swirling basslines.


Speaking on the creation of their sound, Vanilla describes, “what makes us work well together as a band is a well-balanced relationship as friends and musicians, with a lot of love and respect. And also, that we’re able to get weird and have fun together”. Gustav adds, “I know, with 99% certainty, that if I like something Vanilla will like it.” Reflecting on the comparisons to their previous records or thoughts of live performance, they insist: “It’s just about songs”.

Stream "Touch You" below: