Walshy has dropped his latest collaborative track, "Tranquility", with Pager the Sloth, eda and PCG Beats.

Walshy is an artist keen to strike out on his own. Having cut his teeth as part of the double act Caleb & Walshy, under which he received significant acclaim, he has now started out a solo career as a new phase of expressing his creative ambitions without a filter.


There’s a real focus on celebrating the mundane in Walshy’s music, as shown in his new tune, “Tranquility”. The track kicks off with an unusual kind of sample, using an example of a conversation Walshy would often have in the drudgery of searching for temp roles through an agency – a playful use of self-deprecation from the artist, but also a real acknowledgement of the struggles artist face to support themselves.


Walshy might have begun his own solo career, but he still strongly values collaboration, as shown in the new tune’s featuring of up and coming Dublin hip-hop artist Pager the Sloth and soulful Filipina singer eda, alongside instrumentation from PCG Beats. The multiple collaborators builds a sense of genuine team effort, with Walshy’s vision filtered through the unique sensibilities of those with which he has trusted the song.


On the tune, Walshy says, “It was written as a self-reminder to not stress about relationships or the future; to take a step back and relax when your mind is clouded full of pressures which are often out of your control.”

Watch the music video here: