Genre-bending singer-songwriter Kyra Gordon is back with her latest indie folk track.

Do you ever have a moment which puts a lot of your life into perspective? Well, rising artist Kyra Gordon experienced just that as she was embarking on her tour. Whilst driving along the Blue Ridge highway to Virginia she encountered a terrible rainstorm which almost drove her off of the road into a near-serious accident. It was then, when she perched herself on the hard shoulder after coming to a halt that she realised her luck, taking in what she had taken for granted, and began to write her latest single and title track of her upcoming EP, Traveler.


Produced alongside Gordon’s long-time collaborator Rachel Efron, ‘Traveler’ contrasts a time of hardship with a positive spin, blending lively guitar strums and a bouncy, upbeat tempo. The indie folk single shines the light we all need during dark times, and provides us with something joyous to sing along to through moments of need. Drawing upon her own life influences when crafting her material, the singer-songwriter keeps it personal but explains that she sees her songs as “little movies that I create”, transporting her audience into Kyra’s world.


Talking about the song, Kyra tells us, “Once I was sitting on the shoulder of the road, my heart rate started to come back down and I began to write this song. It came from the experience I had just had, which was followed by my strong desire to call my husband and hear his voice. I felt lucky to be alive, and felt gratitude for having a partner who supports me going away and pursuing my musical dreams.”

Listen to 'Traveler' now: