Noah Becker teases his upcoming album “Heaven Yeah” with brand new track, “Triple It”.

Seasoned musician Noah Becker’s newest offering “Triple It” is a mellow single that blends hip-hop sounds with electronic tones. His crooning rap style and catchy hooks submerge the listener in a comforting ambience, while lyrics about an old friendship give the track a sentimental feel. It’s a cleverly complex beat and easy listening experience that showcases Noah’s versatile and considered artistry. 


The track follows on from his varied catalogue, which includes releases like “Lethal” from his debut EP. It racked up over 300,000 streams and was released under his atelier Baketown  – a creative hub that’s worked with Lenny Kravitz, Gourmet and his band Bakery. The Munich-hailing artist acquired Baketown back in 2017, and has since committed to creating a platform for up-and-comings to bring their creativity and culture to life. 


Speaking on the meaning behind “Triple It’s” intimate lyricism, Noah explains that it’s about the “meeting of two friends during the commute to each of their own destinations and their conversation on how they both got there.” 

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