Independent travel platform, Trippin, has released a new podcast called 'Roots & Ritual', hosted by Trippin co-founder Yasmin Shahmir and Neuroaesthetics expert Robyn Landau.

In the newly launched ‘Roots & Ritual’ podcast from Trippin, Yasmin and Robyn explore some of the world’s most fascinating spirited lifestyles and practices that connect cultures around the globe. Each episode will also hear from local and leading experts – from Shamans and Elders to practitioners and scientists. Together, they uncover the origins and delve into the science behind the traditions which have inspired our modern pursuit of physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Speaking on the podcast, Yasmin says: “I see Roots & Ritual as a gathering around a fire, sharing stories, experiences and wisdom, like our ancestors used to do. I hope this podcast makes the listener feel like they’re travelling the world with us, learning first hand from these enlightened cultures, communities and individuals whatever our background or beliefs”.


The podcast also takes a look at how the elements and principles of these ancient rituals have developed and are being adopted by people around the world today for their healing and therapeutic effects.


Robyn adds: “Education is a central theme of our series. That is, to help the listener learn from the cultural origins, and understand what’s happening inside our brains and bodies during these rituals. No matter where you fall on the spiritual-scientific spectrum, there is something in this series for everyone.”


For travel-lovers desperate bubbling with wanderlust while we’re all trapped inside, and for curious listeners who wish to enrich themselves, ‘Roots & Ritual’ takes us from Mexico to Japan, into the cosmos and back down again.


Episode two of the podcast learns about Shinrin-Yoku, a traditional Japanese practise of immersing oneself in nature – otherwise known as forest bathing. Yasmin and Robyn speak with nature therapist Stefan Batorijs and learn about the ancient Japanese practice and how to build spiritual and psychological connections to nature.

Listen to Episode Two of 'Roots & Ritual' below:


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