VIDA reignite the folk-rock scene with their vibrant new single, ‘Tune out of you', just in time for their set at TRNSMT festival.

Celebrating their decade-long journey in music, Scottish six-piece VIDA return with a burst of energy in their new single, ‘Tune out of you’. A buoyant folk-rock anthem that encapsulates life’s vibrancy through layered percussion and rhythmic guitar infusions. Known for their unique blend of sonic experimentation and heartfelt lyricism, the six piece continue to push creative boundaries with every release, and ‘Tune out of you’ is no exception.


Having been crafted entirely at their home studio, the single showcases the band’s adeptness at self-production. Drawing inspiration from the innovative recording techniques of Tame Impala singer and guitarist Kevin Parker, VIDA seamlessly blends classic acoustic sounds with modern production elements, a testament to their evolving musicianship. The band’s ability to infuse their work with influences from across guitar music creates a nostalgic yet fresh auditory experience that resonates deeply with listeners.


This release follows praise from their previous singles ‘Different Storm’ and ‘You Tell Me’, each marking significant moments in the band’s creative journey. “With each single we’ve released, we’ve tried different recording and production techniques”, VIDA shares, highlighting their commitment to exploring such unique sounds.


As VIDA embarks on their tour alongside Jordan Allen and The Deenys, fans can catch their dynamic performances culminating at the TRNSMT festival this July. With a fourth single and debut album in the pipeline, the band are on course for an exciting future. “There’s a lot more noise to come from the VIDA boys,” they declare, ‘Tune out of you’ is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of their musical journey and the vibrant life that fuels their creativity.

Listen to 'Tune Out Of You' now: