Three very chic best friends, here to reclaim the lost sound of Rock N Roll in their latest Album release "Turkey Dinner". Check out their latest playlist curated exclusively for Notion.

Presenting a patchwork quilt of timeless garage rock and oddball indie, these three LA chicks are ready to bring the raw, nitty-gritty, grungey nature of 60’s psychedelic rock back at the forefront of the cool days. Here to reclaim the lost sound of the time before theirs is punk cohorts vocalist and drummer Anastasia Sanchez, guitarist Isabelle Fields and bassist Eva Chambers. Performing together since their high school days, best friends Pinky Pinky share their timeless DIY Rock N Roll sound to illustrate the representations of everyday observations, anxieties and passions of LA youths. Focused on allowing their listeners to break away into a time capsule where the societal pressures, sonic trends and limitless distractions of Generation Z are no longer visible is what these vintage rock queens are all about.


Sweet yet darkly humoured the band name stems from an ominous South African legend about a monster who would hurt little girls on the toilet if they wore the colour pink. A jokingly sinister background with a cathartic ageless sound, these LA rockstars are believed to have created their best work yet. Releasing their fresh new album “Turkey Dinner”, the girls have crafted a truly authentic representation of where Pinky Pinky is currently standing onstage and off stage. A live sounding recording that doesn’t feel too shiny in production, yet limitless in any way. An 11 track album that is one hundred per cent unpretentious, raw and unpredictably zany with a timeless sound. Due to be released June 14th on Innovative Leisure, these rock queens have also packed in UK tour dates, spreading their home-crafted sound across the country from 10th May to 26th May.


"One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head

"We like playing this in the car with no warning to piss each other off."

Peanut Butter by RuPaul

"No explanation needed."

"You've Got a Woman" by Lion

"Sing this to your lover."

"Suburban Lawns" by Janitor

"Awesome song. Awesome video."

"I'm the One" by Annette Peacock

"You can feel this rushing up and down your body."

Summerboy - Lady Gaga

"The background music to every husband hunt."

"Amusement Parks U.S.A." by The Beach Boys

"What a weird time in our lives."

"Saxophone Song" by Kate Bush

"It's genius."

"Drive-In Saturday" by David Bowie

"We listened to this song a lot as a reference while recording ‘Turkey Dinner’"

"Light In The Sky" by Steve Hillage

"We also drive to this song. Living in Los Angeles, you are a slave to the car."