Future chart topper Molly Warburton releases new single "Twenty Two", singing tales of self-discovery over a dream-pop instrumental.

Early adulthood is a time often associated with growing insecurities and fear of growing old. On her latest single, “Twenty Two”, Molly Warburton looks to dismantle this trope, celebrating the chances for self-discovery and self-expression with childlike giddiness. Over a dream-pop instrumental, the future chart-topper details the modern world through her lens, embracing a carefree attitude that’s much to be adored.  


With over a million Spotify streams alone, Molly is ascending rapidly towards mainstream success. Equally as adept at recording and performing, the singer-songwriter has played countless festivals and venues across the country. From Kendall Calling to Forgotten Fields and Liverpool to Leeds, she’s nurturing a compelling stage presence that hasn’t gone unnoticed.  


Shot in Morecambe, Lancashire, the accompanying one-take music video for “Twenty Two” was released on 28th July and reflects the lyrics’ wishful positivity. As Molly explains, “The video is about transporting from reality to a new world of hope and possibility”, and uses AI to blend reality and animation in real-time to tell “a part of that story that helps get the message across”. 

Listen to "Twenty Two" below: