Synth-pop trailblazer Raven Artson releases his debut album, 'Transformia', analysing the fluid process of romance over otherworldly sounds, alongside fresh visuals for "Twist My World".

Few artists have been as boundary-pushing as Raven Artson in recent years. Charming ears with genre-blending synth-pop, the multi-faceted artist is teaching listeners to embrace the unexpected. A multi-instrumentalist, with a propensity for otherworldly sounds, the singer-songwriter has won support from legends like Elton John and BBC Radio 1 tastemakers like Jack Saunders.


Touring with Toro Y Moi is just one of Raven’s many other accolades. The DIY popstar opened for the South Carolina native across Europe last year, simultaneously building an international fanbase and enchanting audiences through a natural stage presence. Creating a sonic palette out of the weird and the wonderful, this commitment to experimentalism has won over so many, and his ascent doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.


Transporting us to the dystopian world Raven navigates, the Netherlands-born artist’s debut album came out this month. Titled ‘Transformia”, the record analyses the fluid process of romance and how it can help to find oneself. Brooding monologues take on a chronological journey through the process of self-discovery, whilst difficult-to-define sounds nestle beneath. There’s a level of intimacy that many other artists would find hard to replicate; every stylistic choice is done so with intention, as Raven continually reinvents what pop music means in the 21st century.


Speaking on the new visuals for track “Twist My World”, Raven explains: “The video is an abstract visualization of the album ‘Transformia’ and guides us through the cycle of a romantic relationship”, he continues, “Different characters represent different phases and together they form the pillars on which the house of romance is built. It’s a day in the life where fiction meets non-fiction and lines are blurred”. 

Get an exclusive look at the new visuals below: