Multifaceted songwriter Eric Dash shares new single “Two Steps”, following 2022’s standout EP ‘Ship of Mine’.

Los Angeles-based Eric Dash is an artist, producer, songwriter and engineer who began writing songs at eight-years-old. Both self-taught and self-made, he consistently works with independent and major label artists, revealing their artistic capabilities through unique production methods. “Two Steps” marks a milestone of his own, developing the jangly indie pop sounds he’s established throughout a burgeoning solo career. 


Moving to LA in 2014, Eric Dash’s early musical endeavours earned him instant acclaim. “One More Love Song”, which he produced with Jack Joseph, reached the top 40 of the Nielson charts. Since, Eric has toured with and opened for artists like Nelly, scored films and started his own production and writing company to help rising musicians discover their voices. 


Giving us an exclusive preview, Eric Dash’s new single, “Two Steps” is an ode to the impossible romances everyone experiences in life. A guitar-focused indie hit, the track follows Eric’s ‘Ship of Mine’ EP release from earlier this year, which has amassed hundreds-of-thousands of streams online. On the track, he says: “Two Steps” is about dating someone, but falling for their friend. You know the friend feels it too but both of you are stuck and it’s an impossible romance”. 

Listen to “Two Steps” below: