Meet Tyler Bragoli, the 15-year-old dynamo rewriting the rules of teenage ambition.

With a relentless drive and innate talent, he’s not just dropping jaws but also his latest single, ‘Star Baby’, a compelling exploration of Pop and R&B that showcases an artistic depth beyond his years.


In the early chapters of Tyler’s musical odyssey, familial notes composed the backdrop, saturating his surroundings with a melodic tapestry of genres. A prodigious multi-instrumentalist at 10, he ascended to social media stardom with cover songs that echoed across millions of screens, drawing the gaze of industry giants. Guided by paternal counsel, Tyler embarked on an independent journey, sculpting his sonic visions within the intimate space of a bedroom studio.


‘Star Baby’ isn’t just a song; it’s a melodic decree from a young visionary intent on etching a lasting legacy. It symbolises the culmination of late nights, perfectionist zeal, and a clear-sighted goal—to produce music with enduring resonance. Tyler’s ambitions reach beyond the charts, aspiring to a career that weaves through the fabric of decades, not constrained by the brevity of years.

In a recent New York City performance, Tyler, opening for Ja-Rule, demonstrated a dual prowess—equally at ease on stage and in the studio. The audience, harmonising with his lyrics, attested that Tyler’s music goes beyond the ears—it resonates with the soul. His commanding yet authentic stage persona revealed Tyler as a natural performer, with his passion for art radiating through every note.


Tyler’s musical prowess extends beyond the superficial charms of melody, delving into the complexities of song structure and the magnetic pull of infectious hooks. He embodies the quintessential mindset of a committed artist, marked by an unmatched diligence for his age—always the first to arrive and the last to depart. This unyielding commitment has rightfully earned him the moniker of “the hardest working 15-year-old” within industry circles. In a domain often swayed by charisma and talent, Tyler distinguishes himself by nurturing essential habits and a disciplined approach, charting a unique course towards superstardom.


Despite the swift ascent of his fame, Tyler remains firmly rooted, owing his grounded demeanour to the unwavering backing of family, friends, and the comforting taste of New York’s finest pizza. Back at home, his wide range of personal hobbies and pursuits help to keep him balanced and energised.

Listen to 'Star Baby' now: