EVÎN reminds us of her variety and vulnerability in the release of her new single “Undefined”, from her debut self-titled EP ‘EVÎN’.

Evin Kücükali, known as EVÎN, is a German-born singer, producer and songwriter who combines R&B and soul influences with her Laz and Kurdish roots. Her musical inspirations are genre spanning, citing artists such as Rosalía, FKA twigs, Bob Dylan and Sufjan Stevens as impacting her music. The variety of her influence and inspiration can be heard in new single “Undefined”, the first single of her debut self-titled EP, ‘EVÎN’.


Evîn moved to Berlin in 2014 to kick-start her music career, working with producer and drummer Jako and beginning a collaborative relationship. She recently studied jazz vocals in Dresden, an experience that saw her meet a community of musicians and creatives. Her father is a political journalist and activist, ensuring Evîn’s consistent engagement with social injustice, female empowerment, and commemorative culture. These topics often appear in her music alongside the discussion of more personal issues.


With her songs, Evîn wants to create a unique style and push boundaries. She has described using music to deal with anxiety, self-doubt, and pressure, and how singing in front of a crowd feels like reading her diary out loud. The new single evokes this vulnerability, in-between her passionate harmonies, chords and percussion.

Stream the single below: