German singer-songwriter, Eveline, describes what it's like to never feel good enough in her new single "under pressure".

Growing up in the suburbs of Germany, Eveline always felt like an outsider, daydreaming about the day she would be able to pack up and move to a big city. As a result, she turned inwards as an escape, fuelled by her active imagination. By the time she was thirteen, Eveline had crafted over 50 stories, poems and anecdotes. Wanting to add further spirit to her self-expression, Eveline started playing piano and guitar. Inevitably, her poems transformed into songs.


Eveline eventually moved to Berlin where she finally felt accepted, surrounded by like-minded creative individuals. Enthused by the exuberant energy of Berlin, Eveline threw herself into the city’s rich music scene. At 19 years old she found herself performing in major clubs and supporting international stars like Billie Eilish, Adam Lambert and Låpsley.


Eveline has made her name for herself with her cinematic fusion of electronica and dark pop. Her latest single “under pressure” – the first from her upcoming debut album – succinctly describes the all-too-relatable feeling of not being good enough. With its driving rhythm and visionary synth lines, it is safe to say “under pressure” is an enthralling taster for what’s to come.

Watch the music video below: