A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘miss american dream’ by Abbie Ozard, Pixey

Two of indie pop’s rising stars, Abbie Ozard and Pixey are looking for their ‘miss american dream’ on this whimsical linkup. Filled with Americana flare, the single is summer-ready; you can almost hear it filling stadiums or festival fields as we approach warmer months and embrace days out in the sun.

‘Scratching’ by Zoe’s Shanghai

Paris-based jazz quartet Zoe’s Shanghai want you to know that love isn’t linear, it’s a labyrinth that takes many turns, in their latest single, ‘Scratching’. The dizzying guitar riffs and psychedelic melodies portray a tangible intimacy, amplified by the tender songwriting of lead vocalist, Zoé Renié Harris.

‘North Side’ by Body Meat

Unfurling ambient bleeps before launching into off-kilter hyperpop, ‘North Side’ by Body Meat is filled with cybernetic emotion. Heartbreakingly brilliant, the track feels like a transcendent journey through spacey voids, keeping you on your toes with its strange synth lines and self-discovering lyricism. The track is taken from his debut album, STARCHRIS, which is set for release in August.

'Matador' by Luvcat

If you’re on the right side of TikTok, you’ll have heard a good chunk of this song already, with "Here we are again, at the Kazimier garden” swirling around your head for weeks in the lead up to it dropping. In fact, Luvcat’s Matador’ is every inch an earworm single: tongue-in-cheek lyrics, sultry sonics and a toe-tapping beat, it’s proving the rising band to be a must-know and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

‘Keep’ by Izabel

Delicately exploring love and heartbreak through a youthful lens, on Izabel’s debut EP Scenarios, the songwriter embraces the warm and otherworldly. Songs like ’Keep’ prove why there’s so much hype around the R&B rulebreaker, who combines melancholic instrumentation with punchy beats and her vivid stories of relationships and their highs and lows.

‘Bleed The Same’ by Andromedik, RANI

DJ and producer phenomenon Andromedik is back with his brand new EP, Rise. Sprawling through deep and sonorous sounds, the project looks set to light up dancefloors worldwide, providing a fusion of leftfield electronica and contemporary pop. Our pick of the bunch is the neuro dance anthem ‘Bleed The Same’, featuring RANI.

‘Let That Be Enough’ by Night Swimming

Fresh from their stunning set at this year’s Dot To Dot festival in Bristol, west country-based shoegazers Night Swimming return with the first single off their forthcoming debut EP, No Place To Land. Titled ‘Let That Be Enough’, the track explores the pursuit of perfection, as the band land their usual dissonant cacophony through echoing riffage and tapping drums.

‘Go Fast Go Slow’ by Dolores Forever

Announcing their debut album, It’s Nothing, this week, Dolores Forever are tackling female rage with their stratospheric music constructions. On ‘Go Fast Go Slow’, the indie-pop duo navigate societal expectations and the issues with body image perpetuated on our phone screens and in the mainstream media. The track is filled with irresistibly catchy grooves that will get you on your feet and dancing any worries away this weekend.

‘I’ll Be Alright’ by Dominic Wright

Rising Brighton bedroom pop star Dominic Wright has us all in our feels on the dulcet and endearing, ‘Let You Go’. His confessional lyrics are all the more relatable on this single, offering a hook-laden earworm that simply won’t leave your mind. Produced by Bad Sounds, the track traces the arguments you have with a loved one and the confused feelings that inspire wanting to let go while pulling them closer towards you.

‘Terril’ by Cellini

Belgian via Italian producer Cellini looks to capture the essence of his heritage on the stunning new single, ‘Terril’. Fusing a European dancefloor energy with Mediterranean folk, the track breaks from music tradition, combining the old with the new to move his own infectious electronic sounds forward. Having received opportunities to play alongside industry titans Daphni and Bonobo previously, the sky is the limit for Cellini, who has plenty more in the works soon.

‘Fish’ by Annie-Dog

Determined to make a racket, Annie-Dog is the newcomer mixing indie sensibilities with raging grunge and electronica. Think of the angelic qualities of Pinkpantheress with the more experimental features of artists like Grimes. On ‘Eye Candy’, the Dublin rocker simultaneously announces her self-titled debut EP and looks to move on from a relationship. What’s that saying? There are plenty more fish in the sea.