Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘One Ah ‘Dose’ by Billzonthebeat, Joe James

‘Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination,’ reads the Instagram caption announcing Billzonthebeat’s debut album, Foundations. Two years in the making, since bursting onto the scene, the producer’s become one of the capital’s go-to beatmakers, collaborating with some of our most exciting voices. On ‘One Ah Dose’, Joe James steps up with his Samurai-like wordplay, slicing through synthy g-funk melodies and punchy 808s.

‘I’m Leaving’ by HALFBROTHER, Murkage Dave, SCALLY, Oscar #Worldpeace

The duo formed of producer and singer SCALLY and wordsmith Murkage Dave, HALFBROTHER are back after a six-year hiatus. Men Can’t Protect You Anymore (2017) is their first full-length project, made up of 11 tracks that explore the breaths of their previous collaborations. ‘I’m Leaving’, featuring Oscar #Worldpeace, stands out with its spacey overtones and comparably coherent wordplay.

‘30’ by Jaycen Spades, Namani

Applying pressure in 2024, south Birmingham rapper Jaycen Spades kicked off the new year with a double single release. ‘30’, featuring fellow rising wordsmith Namani, looks towards their impending success, as both artists body a ghoulish trap beat.

‘Lime Grove’ by TIANNA, Frankie Allan

A sweet and sultry dub-reggae jam to brighten those January blues, ‘Lime Grove’ sees TIANNA and Frankie Allen collabing in scintillating style. Luring listeners into a hazy soundscape with soulful harmonies, the artists revel in the spirit of the past to define their futures.

‘9 to 5’ by S.A.M

Not to be mistaken with a remix of Dolly Parten’s country classic, S.A.M’s ‘9 to 5’ nods to catchy ‘00s R&B jams, with a killer hook and vibey production. Shutting down his social media accounts with tantalising previews, fans have finally got the club-hit-in-waiting they had been craving from the singer-songwriter.

‘Send Your Loving’ by Ama Louise

Bring a unique take on contemporary R&B to the table, Ama Louise’s nostalgia-evoking new single, ‘Send Your Loving’, harks back to the ‘90s. Smooth, shrilling vocals show off her incredible range, which glides over glistening production.

‘You’re my heart’ by Beach Cowboys

Texas rock slacker Beach Cowboys constructs their stripped-back indie around a distinctively shoegazey tone. On ‘You’re my heart’, the El Paso native slides between Eyedress-like hooks and resonant lyricism to create something inherently infectious.

‘bach (God the Father in Eternity)’ by Joel Ross

Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based vibraphonist Joel Ross has the antidote to any post-2023 hangovers. On ‘bach (God the Father in Eternity)’ the jazz performer guides us through eight minutes of meditative ensemble, featuring nebulous saxophone solos and shimmering drum improvisation.

‘Outside’ by Syano, SYGH

Making music on the Emerald Isle, Syano is an Irish artist who encompasses elements of hip-hop, jazz and electronica. On ‘Outside’, the singer-songwriter wears his heart on his sleeve, combing through emotions and relaying them into a love story.

‘PURPLE’ by boy*

A coming-of-age tale that speaks to growth and the fear of it, ‘PURPLE’ lays bear the story of boy*. UKG-infused electronica makes up the beat, which evokes melancholia in its most vivid form.

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Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.