Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"how are you not freaking out?" by Greta Isaac

Songwriter Greta Isaac pushes forward with her new tune “how are you not freaking out?”, an honest and vulnerable meditation on growing up and learning to choose yourself.

"Free" by Bamily

Bamily start the party with the raucous new tune “Free”, a pounding and cathartic celebration of freedom from a relationship. They say, “Free was written in lockdown about one of us needing to get out of the wrong relationship. We were losing touch. But he’s back, we’re back, back on the road, back at festivals and back throwing raves in sweaty warehouses across London. I gotta get, I gotta be, I wanna be free."

"Blue Afternoon" by Mylar

London quartet Mylar unleash a second salvo in the follow-up to their debut single. “Blue Afternoon” is a trippy adventure through different sounds and emotions as it chronicles the pains of a break-up. The band say, “It’s about how quickly the reality of a relationship fades after that final meeting - things start to seem foggy and unclear and in a delirious state you’re clinging on to whatever thoughts and words you can remember from that conversation.”

"Olivia" by Tiberius b

Tiberius b explores the shifting sands of identity, gender and sexuality in the quietly euphoric new alt-pop tune, “Olivia”.

"Love Song" by Taura Lamb

Taura Lamb certainly hasn’t been slacking in the lead-up to their debut album, drip-releasing one new song per month for the last 10 months. Now, she finally brings it home with the lead single “Love Song”, marking the album’s release. On the song, she says, “It’s about finding out the whole time you’ve been agonising over this person and thinking they could never love you back, they’ve been thinking the exact same thing. It’s like, are you joking?? I could’ve been writing romantic love songs for the last year if we’d just communicated a bit better!”

"idk why" by Joey Knight

Soft-spoken songwriter Joey Knight confirms his status as a natural storyteller with his new EP releasing today, from which the wistful, previously unheard track “idk why” is taken. On the song, Knight says, “It’s really a song about regret and those immediate feelings of confusion after making a decision that you’re not totally sure was the right thing do, and all the emotions that can come with something as confusing as a breakup can be”.


POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE continue their success with “IN CASE YOU FORGET”, a smoothly catchy reflection of a tune that’s taken from their latest EP, “MONEY MACHINE”.

"Hey Joe (Relax)" by Lynks

Bristol art-punk artist Lynks takes things to a (slightly) calmer place in the new tune “Hey Joe (Relax)”, a tune that builds to a danceable chorus and some lacerating insights about toxic masculinity.

"Call Me" by Tia Gordon

Tia Gordon announces her arrival with the confident debut single “Call Me”, a lightly deadpan, minimalist tune produced by Mom Tudie that puts the emphasis on a compelling new voice.

"What Does That Make Me" by Leith

Leith lets it all out on her vulnerable and cinematic new tune “What Does That Make Me”, a cut from her forthcoming EP due out at the end of the month.

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Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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