A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Don’t’ by Halima

Flying out the gates with her new EP, EXU, Halima submerges off-kilter trap beats into a pool of psychedelia on ‘Don’t’. Paired with dulcet vocals, the singer serenades us through her thoughts, as she seeks new experiences and the chance to fulfill all that she’s ever dreamed of.

‘The Go Down’ by dialE

Since dialE exploded with his jazz-house jam ‘nine thirty (the glow)’, he’s been on a mission to explore all corners of his potential. On ‘The Go Down’, he trades four-to-the-floor for slacker surf rock grooves, while still spitting in that gravelly monotone we’ve come to expect from him. He even manages to fit an amen break in there, for good measure.

‘Home’ by LULU.

Blissful and introspective, ‘Home’ is our pick from LULU.’s new EP, Dear Disorientated Soul. Effortlessly threading lush Afrobeats through a needle of neo-soul, the polymathic singer-songwriter embarks on a journey of self-discovery, reminding listeners that they’ll always be able to find solace in her tender productions.

‘teeth’ by mary in the junkyard

Stomping through sludgy grunge grooves, on ‘teeth’, mary in the junkyard find themselves at their most beautifully haunting. Think the Wytches meets Hole. Taken from their debut EP, This Old House, the band are set to play a number of festivals over the summer, including Latitude and Truck.

‘Blue Car’ by Shivani Day

Leicester-born, London-based artist Shivani Day makes music that sounds like it’s a living organism, and on ‘Blue Car’, she breathes her stream of emotions across flexy left-field electronica. Set against a textured backdrop, the uncompromising singer-songwriter pushes through pain to seek light, creating a stunning sonic contrast that’s left us wanting more.

‘It Only Takes 2’ by Thandii

Thandii are the Margate duo bringing funkadelic art-pop to the masses. Collaborating with some of our countries most innovate acts, from SAULT to Little Simz and Michael Kiwanuka, today, they shared the double single, ‘It Only Takes 2’ / ‘Someone Else’. The former is filled with infectious psych rock and soulful refrains, perfect for any hazy evenings as we draw closer to the summer months.

‘4th Wall’ by Yaz León, BUKKY

A link up between two of the most exciting artists to emerge from underground R&B circles, Yaz León and BUKKY link up for the alluring new single, ‘4th Wall’. Anchored around neo-soul akin to Erykah Badu, the song revels in an existentialism that keeps you listening on, intrigued as to where the artists will take the song next.

‘Turn My Swvg On’ by Kasien

Trailblazing London rapper Kasien doesn’t hold back on his new single, ‘Turn My Swvg On’. Kicking off with a melancholic intro before launching into a ferocious beat switch, the track settles for a hedonistic storyline that gives a menacing insight into his rockstar lifestyle.

‘When it Rain’ by Jorge.

Doing what he does best, Jorge. bares his soul deeper than ever before, as he celebrates the art of self-acceptance in ‘When it Rain’. With his smooth vocals guiding through a labyrinth of personal growth and adversity, he takes genre-bending to new heights, whisking up a tasteful brew of pop, hip-hop and R&B as he brings light to even the darkest of days.

‘Should’ve Dated Your Bestfriend’ by Lauren Presley

Breakthrough artist Lauren Presley channels the raw emotions of regret in her latest breakup anthem, ‘Should’ve Dated Your Bestfriend’. This dark-pop belter perfectly captures the pain of being with the wrong person while delivering a powerful message of self-love and resilience.