A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Obsessed’ by horsegiirL

horsegiirL is ‘Obsessed’ on their latest trance infused donk track. The pseudonymous German DJ invites us to a Berghain barn rave and keeps us dancing all night long with alluring lyricism and a floor-filling, BPM swirling beat.

‘Pandora’ by Wisp

Leading the new wave of shoegaze, 19-year-old Wisp, delivers your daily fix of sultry vibes. In her latest hit, ‘Pandora’, the title of her new EP, she ricochets between light and dark, with her ethereal vocals weaving a tale of self-worth as broken guitar textures riff in and out the soundscape.

‘In Town’ by Reek0, MaxRP

Tottenham’s own, Reek0 is turning heads in the underground house and garage scene. With ‘In Town’, he teams up with his pal, MaxRP, as he lends his intricate wordplay and smooth flow over a funky high-energy electronic beat.

‘Forever’ by Fabiana Palladino

Over five years in the making, Fabiana Palladino’s self-titled debut album is finally here and it sounds as grandiose as you’d expect. On ‘Forever’, her delicate falsetto and gentle harmonies run beautifully above spine-tingling pop instrumentation, sticky-sweet with violins and deftly picked guitars.

‘Toxic Minds’ by BlazeYL, AntsLive, joe unknown

House of Pharaohs head honcho Blaze YL enlists MOBO nominated rapper AntsLive and enigmatic wordsmith joe unknown for the poignant new single, ‘Toxic Minds’. Crafted by Samotypebeat and Alex Goughh, the cyberspace production accommodates each artists’ idiosyncrasies, giving them room to show their hunger and versatility.

‘mmry prblms’ by es.cher

Glitch hop producer, es.cher, takes his experimental knack to the next level in his latest track, ‘mmry prblms’. Penning a dreamy beat, synth notes get lost in reverberations and saturated vocals, as we are transported to a soundscape filled with electronic gooeyness. 

‘party’s over’ by Aziya

Levelling up her sound, Aziya transitions from the energetic churn of synth-driven punk to its sombre conclusion in latest track, ‘party’s over’. Narrating moments of lust and fantasies amidst a crowd, her electric guitar finesse conjures up a new wave melody as her sunken vocals sit atop.

‘See Through’ by Eljé

Eljé’s velvety tones take centre stage on ‘See Through’: an Amerie sampling amapiano banger ready for festival season. Debuted by DJ Target, the track nods to modern soundsystem culture while holding a distinctive R&B flavour, creating a kaleidoscopic fusion of genres that feel inherently her own.

‘Bad Habits’ by Danny Sanchez

Multifaceted south west London rapper and singer Danny Sanchez returns from a short hiatus to deliver his self-analysing debut album, It Is What It Is Until It Isn’t. A timeless project, that digests his music dreams and manifestations, on the opener ‘Bad Habits’, we find out why it’s taken him so long to get to this point, rapping in raspy croons over nostalgic boom bap.


Ledbyher’s ‘SPILLING CANDLES’ weaves dreamy melodies and trance-inducing synths, blending her signature lo-fi bedroom sound with R&B smoothness. With seamless transitions between rap and singing, the slow, spellbinding track transports you to the otherworldly.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.