A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

'Hover' by Glowe

Following the lead of her first 2024 releases, ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Bad Ideas’, pop sensation Glowe is back with another sassy single. ‘Hover’ channels Regina George confidence as Glowe rises above a relationship which isn’t serving her what she deserves. Declaring her power and unshaken self-worth, the singer’s vocals go from cheeky to deliciously dangerous as her voice deepens in the chorus.

'Hot Forever' by James Massiah

Getting us fired up for the release of True Romance, interdisciplinary artist, producer and poet James Massiah drops another featured single which reveals how the electric EP will unfold. ‘Hot Forever’ is more vulnerable than what we've heard so far, as he opens up over a gritty beat and tries coming to terms with his love life.

'Chop This Life' by Kenny Allstar, Bawo, Sam Wise

UK Rap connoisseur Kenny Allstar enlists legendary London MCs Bawo and Sam Wise to trade verses on ‘Chop This Life’. The track is the first from a project which will platform the most exciting talents in rap right now. Scored by smooth synths and skippy beats, Bawo and Sam Wise’s rhythmic chemistry is captivating across its run length.

'Sunwarmed' by Matilda Lyn

Matilda Lyn's latest drop does exactly what it says on the tin. Ripping up the alt-pop rule book, ‘Sunwarmed’ harnesses her distinctive vocals against a moody backdrop of all-embracing guitar and double bass strumming.

'Mascara’ by Sunday (1994)

'Mascara' is taken from Sunday (1994)'s self-titled debut EP, fusing nostalgic indie rock with bittersweet pop and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. A little bit Lana, a little bit Taylor and a touch Mazzy Star, Sunday (1994)’s sound will appeal to the masses whilst remaining inherently underground.

‘ex’ by Kilu

Quickly capturing hearts and fans, 23-year-old London artist Kilu never fails to deliver a hard-hitting tune which perfectly serves an emotional state. Compared with previous releases, ‘ex’ is less of a tear-jerker and more of a solemn headbanger - thanks to powerful crescendos which channel tormenting emotional outbursts. Kilu’s ethereal voice reminisces a foregone romance and questions the future. Underscored by fuzzy white noise, wailing siren-like samples and eerie marching drums that soar with distant piano melodies as the track progresses.

‘265’ by Jawnino, Jesse James Solomon

Rising from London’s rap underground, Jawnino today dropped his noisy 15-track album 40, where hedonism meets dystopia and pounding techno meets shoegaze-y MCing. Featuring fellow London wordsmith Jesse James Solomon, ‘265’ is one of the album’s least dark, though certainly still moody, features. Soaring orchestral motifs, Burial-esque samples and synth hooks offer the track a cinematic atmosphere whilst Jawnino and his rap accomplice search for meaning in the banal, as they move through everyday life.

‘Hard Too’ by Nate Brazier

London hotshot Nate Brazier mixes lo-fi with garage in his latest track, ‘Hard Too’. Enveloped in his velvety vocals, the laid-back production rides a mellow beat, whilst a subtle harp melody weaves through, conjuring up a sense of nostalgic yearning.

‘LGIK’ by Emmeline

Emmeline racks up the heat in her latest offering, ‘LGIK’. With a booming electric drumline and driving rhythm, her blistering spoken word delves into the internal workings of her mind. As the track progresses, the production becomes more whimsical, with layers of ethereal harmonies sweeping the soundscape.

‘peck’ by oreglo

Accompanying the announcement of their debut EP, London jazz quartet, oreglo drop their newest single, ‘peck’. Embarking on a jazz voyage spanning seven minutes, the track intertwines funky tuba ribs, syncopated drum rhythms, and electrifying keyboard notes, conjuring up a sound like no other.