A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Sugarcoated’ by Nieve Ella

As Nieve Ella’s fan base continues to grow, one thing remains consistent. Her indie-pop is contagious, incorporating punchy choruses with her raspy vocals, to create a soundscape truly her own. On ‘Sugarcoated’, she charges full steam ahead, singing confessional lyrics with the angst of an early twenty-something wanting to break from the norms of daily life.

‘UNO’ by SuperJazzClub & BenjiFlow

Babe, wake up! SuperJazzClub’s new EP, MONOCHROME RADIO just landed and it features the unmistakable voice of British artist, BenjiFlow. Adding his seductive drawl to shuffling Afrobeats on ‘UNO’, the collaboration is Hennessy-smooth, as the band and their collaborator whisk up a sound that’s beautifully rich and tasteful.

‘Bobby’ by Elijah Waters

Since his viral COLORS performance, Rotterdam-based artist Elijah Waters has broken new ground. ‘Bobby’ chops and screws a Jersey club beat around acoustic guitar loops and his shrilly voice, melting you into a reflective melancholia.

‘GENERAL FRANCO’ by Jesse James Solomon & MACK

‘GENERAL FRANCO’ is our pick from British rapper Jesse James Solomon and American producer MACK’s collaborative tape, OIL WATER. Spontaneously announced on the artists’ socials yesterday, the project sees Jesse riding a series of spaced-out beats that hark back to Soundcloud's golden UK rap era.


Sarah Meth ‘FEELS LIKE IT’S TIME TO FORGIVE’ on her latest EP, Midnight Snacks, Vol. 2. Head down to your fridge, pour yourself a glass of milk and get the digestives out of the cupboard, the eight-track project is a lucid exploration of the human conscience, navigating those late-night thoughts you get when the day’s done and you only have yourself to think about.

‘all these little words’ by wilo wilde

Announcing wilo wilde’s forthcoming EP, WHAT IS A HEART?, ‘all these little words’ is a groovy euro pop jam inspired by the early stages of a new relationship. Sherbert-y beats and sugar-sweet vocals combine to soundscape a dystopian, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory-like world. When Mura Masa catches wind of wilo wilde, a collaboration feels inevitable.

‘Scream from New York, NY’ by Been Stellar

Indie five-piece Been Stellar unfurl the gritty romance of city life on their debut album, Scream from New York, NY. “It’s the end of the world, and I feel fine,” sings lead singer Sam Slocum on the opening line of the title track despondently, capturing the cloud of smoke that hangs over someone trying to make it as an artist in a city as claustrophobic as New York. The full album is essential listening this week.

‘Bring Back The Beat’ by Pixey

Ahead of her debut Glastonbury performance next weekend (tears, we won’t be there), Pixey drops ‘Bring Back The Beat’, produced alongside Jungle’s Tom McFarland. The groove is infectious, as the Liverpool pop rocker sings the song’s name over the chorus; you can almost hear it ringing triumphantly around Worthy Farm already.

‘Cellyphone’ by Air Max ‘97 & Don Sinini

Is there a dance genre Air Max ‘97 can’t make? That’s the question we’re asking after hearing his latest bona fide club track, ‘Cellyphone’. Featuring west London vocalist Don Sinini, the single takes cues from dancehall and Afro swing, reconfiguring the sounds with one of his quintessentially cybernetic melodies.

‘BLIND’ by Yarin Glam

Yarin Glam is a Los Angeles based artist who effortlessly fuses pop and R&B, but not in a conventional sense and rather one that shines a light on her Middle Eastern background. On ‘BLIND’, the singer-songwriter waves goodbye to those who never believed in her: blending ethereal synths, emotional lyricism and vulnerable melodies into a brooding trap cut.

‘salad’ by our kids

Indie sweethearts our kids are back with their second single of the year, ‘salad’. Traversing grunge, Brit-pop and other guitar-led genres, the band take cues from artists like King Krule and bar italia, submerging themselves in a deadpan rock formula and revamping it among depictions of the foggy world around them.