Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Things Lovers Do" by Piper-Grace

A super silky smooth helping of R&B from South West newcomer Piper-Grace.

"Back In The Day" by Chrissi

Fresh from a stellar debut performance at All Points East festival, the Essex-born artist Chrissi delivers uncompromisingly candid lyrics in "Back In The Day".

"Road Signs" by Pat

Our pop fave Pat has ushered out his much-hyped debut EP 'No Ball Games', with "Road Signs" a clear standout. The artist has said: “This EP is a story depicting my journey through life so far: the meaning of “No Ball Games” draws from the childlike creativity, fearlessness and the willingness to take risks and break rules."

"cry in your sleep" by anaiis, ft. Chronixx

With the arrival of her debut album ‘this is no longer a dream', anaiis has shared a mystical, bewitching new single "cry in your sleep", which draws together transcendent touches of R&B, soul and deconstructed jazz.

"Genuine Love" by BLYNE

A sonic rollercoaster, Aphex Twin and The Beatles collide head on in this Berlin-birthed track.

"Over and Over" by pecq

In the run up their new EP (expect big things in 2022), the Oxford-hailing pairing pecq have released a seamless and polished electro-pop number "Over and Over". On the track, Jakes says: "'Over and Over' is about moving from my small town to the city, trying to outrun my teenage identity and work myself out."

"U Got Me" by Reuben James, ft. Jaz Karis

An unshakeable R&B tune from Reuben James, an artist whose reputation is soaring in the musical world - he recently provided piano instrumentals on Joy Crooke's upcoming debut album and has co-written tracks for Sinead Harnett, Disclosure and HONNE.

"Hive Mind" by Tirzah (ft. Coby Sey)

Master of alt-R&B, Tirzah is in full force with this drowsy, disorienting track featuring Coby Sey.

"You Could Be" by Anz, ft. George Riley

Dream team Anz and George Riley are the duo we didn't know we needed. Together, they have created "You Could Be" - a Y2K-drenched bubble-gum-pop-inclined anthem.

"green screen" by Cathy Jain

A humming, soothing single with uplifting instrumentals and delicate vocals from psychedelic songwriter Cathy Jain.

"Shelter" by BOII

Reminiscent of Jamie xx, BOII are merging lo-fi and underground music for a melancholy but irresistible new flavour of music.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.