A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘NO HANDS’ by ShaSimone

British-Ghanaian rapper ShaSimone is proving all the haters wrong on her latest single, ‘NO HANDS’. She eats up a bouncing beat filled with 808s and g-funk hops, claiming her status as one of the hottest in the game.

‘Computer Love’ by Sarah Meth

A fresh face in the music industry, Sarah Meth has been carving out her niche like a siren. Her latest hypnotic soundscape appears, on the surface, to be dedicated to a computer. This tongue-in-cheek theme makes ‘Computer Love’ all the more spellbinding. Akin to a lullaby, the song’s mysterious vocals are drawn out, floating in echoey whispers over rolling chords. With melody and lyrics stripped right back, Sarah Meth’s angelic voice shines in ‘Computer Love’ - it will no doubt leave listeners in awe and wanting to hear more.

‘a little love for myself’ by Tia Gordon

‘I write songs in my bedroom and then hope I’m not the only one who likes them’, reads the Spotify bio of Tia Gordon. Well, she needn’t worry. On ‘a little love for myself’, she writes in ode to her self-care routine, eating breakfast in bed, kicking back and doing stuff on her terms.

‘Been On’ by DEELA

It’s DEELA’s world and we’re just living in it. Reminding everyone that they aren’t on her level, ‘Been On’ utilises her alluring flow and a ghoulish instrumental to create maximum intrigue and a sinister experience.

‘Hit Dat’ by Amal, DJ Swisha

‘Hit Dat’ is a swirling jersey club stepper from NYC-based pair Amal and DJ Swisha. Captivating audiences worldwide, Amal is quickly gaining notoriety for his liquid blends and high-octane sets.

‘RISE & RAGE’ by Alexander Spit, Goya Gumbani

Kicking off the latest project from Alexander Spit, VIGNETTES VOL. 3, ‘RISE & RAGE’ testifies to the artist’s timeless yet fresh brand of hip-hop. Goya Gombani talks his talk over some succulent soul samples too.


Emblematic of his taste for sultry neo-soul, ‘VICTORIOUS’ is another sweet and sticky track from Mancunian vocalist, [K S R]. Stunning string scores play out the track in beautiful fashion, proving that the songwriter is coming correct in 2024.

‘EI U Vee’ by Make A Dance

Released on their M.A.D Records imprint, ‘EI U Vee’ is yet another sizzling tech house roller from Make A Dance. A killer vocal hook two-steps around strobe-like drums and swinging melodies, creating a euphoric vibe ready for the club.

‘HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN’ by dreamcastmoe

Uplifting us with his buttery vocals, ‘HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN’ is a mutant disco funk jam by Washington D.C. artist, dreamcastmoe. MOLLY’S SON, his latest project, is out now.

‘2089’ by Tay Jordan

One of the hardest in the game, lyrcial go-getter Tay Jordan returned today with the synth-laden new road rap bop, ‘2089’. “It’s that space age pimpin’”, he declares on the back end, revelling in the cosmic vibe propelled from the production.

'Can I Call You That' by Siloon

Berlin-based musician Siloon has made her musical introduction with ‘Can I Call You That’, an alternative pop-rock track about loss and heartbreak. The experimental artist is starting out with a noble goal - to make music that reduces loneliness and, as she comments on this single, provides ‘a bit of hope’. With earworm vocals, plucky guitars and synthy sonics meeting in delightfully off-beat harmony, Siloon’s debut single is full of talent and promise.

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