A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘JaJaJa’ by SoFTT

SofTT, short for South Florida Trance Team, live up to their name on ‘JaJaJa’, a sugary bolero-cum-Eurodance anthem that brings over the Miami heat to our comparably cold shores. Laced with pan-Latin sounds, Trevor McFedries’ heart racing beat shines bright below Kablito’s flamboyant vocal range.

‘Unifying Thought’ by Chanel Beads

New York’s finest scene band Chanel Beads release their debut album, Your Day Will Come, a woozy exploration of psychedelic rock and ambient. There’s an unorthodox beauty to ‘Unifying Thought’; the slack tones of Shane Lavers and druggy melodies keeping you on edge while calming you into a sedative state.

‘Robot Lovers’ by Willow Kayne

Synthesising her thoughts over arpeggiated basslines and drony melodies, ‘Robot Lovers’ is Willow Kayne’s first single since becoming an independent artist. Blurring the lines between what’s real and fake, the track sees the Bath native raising her suspicions over AI and other technological topics that might interfere with modern love.

‘ITSLIKE’ by Ashbeck

Fighting back any romantic inclinations, Ashbeck battles against his feelings on ‘ITSLIKE’. Grounding himself in the studio, the rapper makes the end goal clear but anticipates distractions along the way. El Londo and Love George are on production duties, turbo charging 808s at a rate so visceral you’ll be bopping your head uncontrollably from the very first second.

‘Left of Me’ by Joshua J

Chronicling a story of self-discovery, Joshua J is at his most introspective on ‘Left Of Me’. The summer-tinted Afro-Caribbean track journeys through melancholic string scores, Amapiano basslines and his whimsical vocal range, navigating the complexities of identity to help the Dutch artist find his voice again.

‘twenny one (happy birthday)’ by EMiDORA

A coming-of-age anthem that loops in dreamy soundscapes, ‘twenny one (happy birthday)’ is EMiDORA at her most mellifluent. The night before her 21st birthday, the songwriter worried life was slipping through her fingers. Responding with this subtly euphoric DnB jam, she waves off any of those anxieties over two minutes of pop bliss.

‘Billboard Face’ by Oscar #Worldpeace, Planet Giza

Linking up with Montreal-based trio Planet Giza, Oscar #Worldpeace proves his worth on ‘Billboard Face’, our favourite track off his new mixtape, Mum, Pray for Your Son. Shuffling percussion, eery synths and the rapper’s dexterous wordplay combine in fine fashion, while his collaborators bring a silky vocal performance to the table.

‘On & On’ by Faye Meana

Transporting us to the ‘80s, where synth-pop was rife and The Pet Shop Boys were the best thing since sliced bread, Faye Meana drops the nostalgic single, ‘On & On’. Lyrically, the track is inspired by relationship troubles, as she wonders how much longer she can take trying to chase something that isn’t there.

‘Westfield’ by Jawnino, Kibo, James Massiah

Negropop’s finest Jawnino and Kibo link poet-cum-artist James Massiah for their latest post-grime orchestral banger. Tinged with a Dean Blunt sensibility, the track’s rich string score, rambunctious bassline and rebellious wordplay mark a triumphant collaboration that’s begging to be turned up to the max.

‘Like A Virgin’ by Jenys

Released today, hyper pop provocateur Jeny’s new EP, Dive Urgent, is filled with abrasive and promiscuous bangers. On ‘Like A Virgin’ she fires up a glitchy instrumental to accommodate her alluring monotone, which whispers sweet nothings among the feverish electronica.

‘Life’s Just No Fun’ by BANNERS

English indie pop sensation BANNERS strips back his sound to the bare bones on ‘Life’s Just No Fun’. A bona fide piano ballad, the track’s melancholia and relatable lyricism is rich in romance, as the singer lays his heart thin and hopes to spend the rest of his life with his lover.

‘My Instincts Are Tragic’ Matilde G

Diving headfirst into her struggles with ADHD, Matilde G confronts the overlooked challenges being neurodivergent can bring to daily life and mental health. The 18-year-old popstar’s shimmering vocals deliver a passionate performance over Max Cinnamon and Jonathon Bluth’s EDM production.