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‘an object of desire’ by SPIDER

Exploring the nuances of objectification and social pressure, validation and self-worth, SPIDER's thunderous 'an object of desire' is a raw and relatable reflection on conflicted feelings around intimacy. Also the title for her new EP, which features singles ‘straight out the oven !’ and ‘daisy chains’, the deeply personal project unpacks everything from shame to rage to self-possession. "This project feels like the most personal, freeing thing I've made thus far", SPIDER says.

‘god is dead’ by glaive

Landing with his new EP, 'a bit of a mad one', Glaive's 'god is dead' strikes a perfect balance between chaotic maximalism and earworm melodies. Eclipsing his hyperpop roots, the project - building on last year's album, i care so much that i dont care at all - sees the artist embrace an expansive, multi-genre sound.

‘2 Much’ by Quendresa

North west London's Quendresa returns with Jordan Lee-produced slow jam '2 Much', alongside glittering, mesmerising visuals. Pining after a painful love that feels just too much, she sings on the chorus: "Cause boy your love is like a drug... Boy Your love, it keeps me up all night".

'MONKI' by King Isis

Exploring a grungier sound than their stripped-back debut EP, 'Scales', Oakland-born artist King Isis is back with 'MONKI', taken from their upcoming new project, due on 21 March via Dirty Hit.

'Sentences' by Annika Kilkenny

After the track blew up on socials, today Irish singer-song-writer Annika Kilkenny officially drops 'Sentences’ — a captivating song with vivid storytelling. Having supported one of her major influences, Laufey, last week, this year is shaping up to be a pivotal one for the artist.

'May Sound Crazy’ by Kofi Stone, Benjamin Zephaniah

Birmingham rapper Kofi Stone is back with highly anticipated single 'May Sound Crazy'. Featuring the late Benjamin Zephaniah, the song reflects on his upbringing, paying homage to his story as well as the golden age of hip-hop. “I wanted to tell my story on this record", he says. "My aim was to let the listener into my world".

'Couples Therapy' by LuxJury

Following the release of their debut single ‘Hot Mess’, London trio LuxJury delve into polyamory and romanticised encounters with indie-pop song 'Couples Therapy'. “'Couples Therapy' was initially inspired by a girl at work who’s mere presence upended my life for a few months and drove me to end a long term relationship I was in. I wrote the track months later reflecting on the absurdity of intimacy, and how words and skin carry equal weight in how close we feel to people”, lead singer Nicole says of the track.

'backseat' by WESLEE

Gentle and tender, WESLEE's dreamy new track 'backseat' is the perfect backdrop for an introspective afternoon. Made up of vocalist Emma DD and producer Josh Grant, the LA-based duo are just as well known for their distinctive visual identity, with artworks imagined by animator Agnes Xantippa Boman.

'Broken Smile' by Tonia

With candid, playful lyricism and light, airy production, Liverpool's Tonia captures the feeling of yearning to help ease the pain of someone you love on bittersweet new release, 'Broken Smile'.

'In N Out' by Jimmy

Chase & Status explore a new sonic direction with production on masked rapper Jimmy's new track, 'In N Out'. Also landing this week, the artist pulls us into the action in the studio with him on the song's accompanying Don Prod-directed video.

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