Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"It's Alright" by Sweetlemondae

23-year-old rapper Sweetlemondae has released music online since she was just 15. “It’s Alright” heals through psychedelic melodies and her authentic charm.

"bby" by asianblonde., Nimstarr

Over the last year, asianblonde. have explored a wealth of sounds, collaborating with a range of artists to aid their personal creative development. On “bby”, taken from a new EP, the duo settles on a melancholic palette perfect for anyone needing to be in their feelings this weekend.

“fade” by quinnie

Indie singer-songwriter quinnie uses her unapologetic lyrical candour in “fade”. A bonus of her debut album ‘flounder’, the track sinks into a state of nostalgia thanks to its dreamy instrumentation and expressive beat.

"Hood Dreams" by Kish!, Nostalgic, fin

A hypnotic yet ghastly three minutes of UK rap, “Hood Dreams” is taken off Kish!’s new mixtape ‘Kishin’s Delivery Service’. Filled with lyrical heaters, the project personifies the wordsmith’s foothold on a new wave of British music.

"As Good As This" by Claudia Fenoglio

This week’s dreamy indie pop pick comes via Claudia Fenoglio. “As Good As This” is painfully elegant, as the singer-songwriter intimately tells her tales over reverberating guitar licks.

"Do Whatever Makes You Happy" by Lemonade Shoelace

Welcome to the colourful world of Lemonade Shoelace, where your woes are left at the door and your mind is trapped in a state of wispy psychedelia. On his latest single, the bedroom hit maker wants you to “Do Whatever Makes You Happy”.

"Sad Warm Hug" by Ashnelle

On her debut single, Ashnelle is asking the questions, bemused by how a relationship went astray while clinging on to what there is left. It’s a deliberately ponderous track that leaves you in a state of intrigue.

"Wheeling Through The Void" by Post Coal Prom Queen

Fusing elements of contemporary jazz with howling vocals, “Wheeling Through The Void” is our pick from Post Coal Prom Queen’s scintillating new album. The accomplished record explores humanity’s first contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence through the prism of political satire .

"PATIENCE" by Ricardo Gold

Flaunting a slick rhyme palette, “PATIENCE” demonstrates Ricardo Gold's cut-throat wordplay and taste for mind-boggling 808s. Since announcing himself on the British rap landscape, he’s co-written with Idris Elba and developed a potent artistry.

“Next To Me” by Nicola Høie

Rising star Nicola Høie stakes her rightful claim as a one-to-watch in new single “Next To Me”. Spanning a range of genres, the track layers danceable grooves with futuristic pop.