Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.


Saya Gray shows off her fascinating and absorbing new perspective in the sonic journey of a new single “IF THERE’S NO SEAT IN THE SKY (WILL YOU FORGIVE ME???)”, taken from her forthcoming debut project, due out in June.

"Ooooo" by Finches

Finches push forward their proudly messy and insecure style of pop with the new single “Ooooo”, a bold confrontation with vulnerability. On the song, they say, “The combination of introspective songwriting and cinematic production creates an angst-fuelled anthem, uniting listeners who have experienced the feeling that you’ll have to change who you are in order to satisfy your partner in a relationship.”

"DC Rot" by yunè pinku

Bold experimentor yunè pinku keeps the ride to her debut EP rolling with another exciting new tune, “DC Rot”, which nods to skateboarding culture in synth-laden style. She says, “DC rot is an exploration of a year and all the things you do in one. Whether it’s coming out of hibernation and getting older, experiencing in excess whether that be negative or positive. Putting yourself out there and sometimes getting hurt, but just going on a pilgrimage of all the things you can & can’t do. In this case a motif is skate culture hence the title DC Rot, it can be such a freeing culture but can be pretty snakey at other times, constantly shifting”

"Insane" by tinyumbrellas

Leeds up-and-comer tinyumbrellas drops her debut EP ‘Kaleidoscope Towns’ today, a celebration of the creativity and imaginative spirit that got her to this place, especially in the previously unheard tune “Insane”. On the EP, she says, “Kaleidoscope Towns’ really encapsulates the years of my life from secondary school through to sixth form, when I really discovered my love for making and creating music. It tells stories of important lessons, things which I’ve been through and discoveries I've made about myself. There’s a sense of innocence within it, being exposed to new situations and feelings really spurred most of these songs to be written. This EP has been so long in the making, I hope you love it as much as I have loved creating it.”

"Bitterness" by Toby Corton

Voracious creative Toby Corton drops his first new release of 2022, the introspective neo-soul tune expressing deep emotion beneath its cool vibes. Corton says, “It's about the realisation that even if you want to help, it's pointless until someone can take the truth you're giving them, especially when it's from a place of love,” Toby elaborates. The single showcases Toby’s distinctively colloquial vocal style and empathetic storytelling charms effortlessly in order to create a sound that is oozing with soul-tinged wonder as a result.”

"5683" by Kemi Ade

Let Kemi Ade reintroduce herself: the bold R&B artist is back with “5683”, an ice-cold cinematic number that lets the listener back into her world, on her terms only. On the song, she says, “We say we are looking for love but reality it seems we just need the right person to say the right things to make us feel wanted. Real love is access and acceptance to me and all my flaws, but in reality we’re always surprised when that is all it was. Not the flawless fantasy we dream in our minds. It’s a choice to access all parts of someone, be aware of what you’ve accessed. This is perfect reintroduction to me. This sound is who I am. ‘5683’ embodies everything I want people to feel and experience on this journey. The mystery, intrigue and immersive experience this project creates.”

"Down" by Daisy Brain

Rising indie-grunge artist Daisy Brain whips out the guitar for his rawly vibrant new single “Down”. On the song, he says, "Down is a song about loneliness, depression and anxiety. But the kind that is innate and subtle where it penetrates your daily life like a low drone, slowing you down and draining you. I wanted to capture that in a way that felt relatable and honest without being preachy. We're all in this shit together, and it's as much about the little things as the big things. Whether it's creeping anxiety about not being funny enough at parties or worrying that you're becoming more and more like your dad. I’ve been depressed for years, but I’ve learned that I’m still allowed to have fun. Self-deprecation is funny, life doesn’t have to be serious all the time and I wrote this song as a big eye roll at depression - we're all in it together, even if you feel like shit.”

"Where Will We Go" by Tom Ford

Hotly-tipped singer songwriter Tom Ford drops his new EP, ‘The Tennis Champions’ today, taking listeners on a dreamlike journey inspired by the works of David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. The closing track is “Where Will We Go”, an ambiguous closer that tags in collaborator Reuben James to open up further questions on the way out of the album.

"Heart Status" by Deyah

Renowned MC Deyah brings the listener in close for “Heart Status”, an absorbing new tune based on a freestyle released last year which strips it all back to focus on Deyah’s crisp and playful vocals.

"Red Flags" by Izzi De-Rosa

Self-proclaimed “brat pop princess” Izzi De-Rosa drops the new single “Red Flags”, an anthemic and confessional ode to shared imperfection.

"Evidence" by Xadi

West London multihyphenate Xadi delves further into his immersive musical world in his new EP, from which the confident and revelatory new tune “Evidence” is taken. On the song, he says, “At this point all of the doubts have been suppressed, an upward swing where this more energetic hip-hop infused instrumental allows me to playfully flex. After having felt overlooked, this was a chance to jestfully remind myself of how far we’ve come on this journey.”

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Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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