Undiscovered is a new weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Funfair" by Issey Cross

Issey Cross traverses dark pop, hip-hop and electronic music on her elegantly crafted debut EP, 'Mirrors Don't Lie'. It's an eclectic and powerful start for the rising artist, whose stunning falsettos stand out on the collection as she sings about lying boys and tense relationships.

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" by Lily Denning

Up-and-coming Kent artist, Lily Denning, gives us Lily Allen vibes on this sing-a-long tune, part of a three-track EP of the same title. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" was penned six months ago after Lily was harassed when walking in London. "I’ve always wanted to speak out about this situation that happens to too many people and how it shouldn’t be tolerated in today’s society. I want the song to raise awareness and to keep the conversations going about how people shouldn’t be made to feel unsafe on our own streets and how we can collectively change that”, she said.

"Gravity" by Maya Delilah

We're obsessed with this dreamy new tune from Maya Delilah. For lovers of Tom Misch, Maya's sweet and soulful sounds are the perfect accompaniment to sunny days, or an uplifting antidote for rainy ones.

"indulge" by poolsideconvo

Rising electronic artist, poolsideconvo, has dropped this deliciously chill track just in time for the warmer months. Picture this: you, five of your mates, outside in the sun, enjoying some tinnies. This song is playing in the background. Bliss.

"Came and Saw" by Vic Santoro

Vic Santoro has been on a roll this year, releasing a stream of singles and an EP. Now, he's released this reflective number, which looks at his personal growth. "'Came and Saw' is about a recap of my journey, trials and tribulations and also a statement of intent that I’m here to represent the village”, Vic shared.

"Ride" by Noomi

Stockholm newcomer, Noomi, shows that she's one to watch with her debut single, "Ride". Written at a time when she had almost given up on music, inspiration found her when she gave up her search for it. The song "takes place in the thrill and terror of standing on the brink of a steep precipice looking down, trying to decide if you are going to take the leap or not", Noomi shared.

"Sometimes" by KYE

Zimbabwean born, UK-raised, and Australian based singer-songwriter, KYE, contemplates a relationship that just doesn't work on her new neo-soul single "Sometimes". Her third single to date, KYE's been racking up hundreds of thousands and streams on her music, and we can totally see why.

"Nauseos" by Bea Anderson

Bea's breathy R&B jam looks at the side-effects of being lovesick. "This is what they don't tell you about love" she warns softly on the new single.

"untitled" by Rachael Jenkins

Rachael Jenkins' "untitled" a beautifully slow and tender acoustic folk number that we just can't get enough of. Having clocked up hundreds of thousands of views on her covers over on TikTok, Rachael has finally dropped her debut single.

"Slow Motion" by Darla Jade

Darla Jade's delicate vocals rise into a crashing electro-pop chorus on this new bop. Played on BBC Radio 1's 'Chillest Show', it looks like it won't be long before Darla blows up.

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Undiscovered is a new weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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